Show Announcements

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire Begins Saturday, April 15!

Join the world-famous Poxy Boggards at the 2023 Renaissance Pleasure Faire at the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area in Irwindale, California.
Go to for more information on the Faire.
Our stage schedule (for the first weekend only):
1:00pm Rogues’ Reefe Stage
2:30pm Rogues’ Reefe Stage
4:00pm Rogues’ Reefe Stage
6:15pm Golden Jubilee Stage (clean set)

Show Announcements

BogFest 2023: April 22nd

Join us at Alosta Brewery for BogFest 2023: a celebration of 30 Boggardly years!

Show will start around 8pm. While not required, lawn chairs are a good idea, as this event is outdoors.

Go to for more info.