Book Us

For Venues

If you are a venue talent booker/manager/owner, and you would like to hire us for your venue, please contact us through our social media. You can use either our Facebook Page, Instagram or TikTok. Sorry for the hassle, but any phone number or email address we put up will get inundated with junk.

A couple things to know before you book us:
1. Except for BogFest, which only happens once a year, we rarely perform for free, or for food or beer or whatever. Sometimes we’ll do shows for a door/cover charge split, but we determine this by how we think our draw will be. So please have an idea what your entertainment budget is. This is especially true if you’re relying on our draw to fill your venue.
2. We need some space to perform, and a 10ft x 5ft spot doesn’t cut it. There are nine or ten of us (depending on current membership) and most of us play instruments, so we need some space.
3. For venues without a sound system (or with not enough channels for us), we can bring our own system, but we need time to set it up. A two hour window between load-in and sound check is pretty typical for us. We’ll also need a reliable source of power and more than a single circuit (please!), as our house speakers are 1000 watts each (we tend to trip breakers).
4. We need a space for merch sales.

For Private Events

If you’d like to hire the Boggards for a private party or other event, please have the following information (note that most of the items above are going to apply):
1. Date and time of event.
2. Duration of performance.
3. Location of performance.
4. Do we need to bring a sound system? This depends on many factors, including anticipated attendance, location, etc. In residential areas especially, some neighbors react badly to amplification.
5. Is this a costumed event?

With the answers to the abovementioned questions, we can provide you with a price. Without this information, we can’t. Please know that our base price is around 1200-1500 for the first hour, and it only goes up from there.

Regarding the Content of Our Show

We can perform clean sets or dirty sets or a combination of both. A clean show will require more preparation on our part, so we need a lot more notice (and the cost will be higher). A mix of both is pretty typical (depending on your audience), with our early set being clean and our second set being bawdy/dirty.

Normally, we can’t fulfil special requests. It takes a lot of time and effort to arrange and rehearse a new song, and unless it’s something we’re planning on putting in our regular repertoire, it’s not worth the time to do it.